Drowned Victim Search Dog Training Update

SARDA IN has had a busy time this month; we hosted our third international Drowned Victim Search Dog training weekend, attended the PSNI SAR Multi-Agency delivery evening and of course had a great turn out for our National monthly training day and our mid-week training session for new members.

We were delighted to welcome Sue Pritchard of the New South Wales State Emergency Service, who made a special journey to study our training methods for locating drowned victims using specially trained search dogs. Also in a fact-finding attendance were four strapping members of British International Rescue and Search Dogs, Rob, Brian, Mark and Tony, who now want to train their own dogs our way. In addition, we were delighted to have with us, two trainee DVSD handlers from the South of England, Georgina Armstrong with her dog Tula and Phillip Eichmann with Skye. Needless to say, Mike and Quincy Dermody and the unflappable Dave Marsh with Sasha brought an air of exuberance and joy to the proceedings with the boisterous but highly professional antics of Quincy and the more sedate but equally professional Sasha. I have to say though, that the show was, as usual, stolen by sisters, Becky and Nell, now searching from the boat for the target odour.