The Search and Rescue Dog Association (Ireland North) – [SARDA(IN)], provides qualified search dogs which are specifically trained to search for persons missing in mountainous terrain, lowland areas (including open country and forests), collapsed structures locally and internationally.

We also have 3 drowned victim search dogs that locate person/s missing in rivers, lakes and sea. The Search And Rescue Dog Association was founded in 1979. It was initially formed as SARDA (Northern Ireland), but as the Association grew and included members from Southern Ireland, the name was changed to SARDA (Ireland) in 1983. As the Association developed and went from strength to strength it was split into two organisations for logistical reasons. Therefore, from 1995 we were known as SARDA (Ireland North).

SARDA(IN) is affiliated to the National Search and Rescue Dog Association which is the national body that oversees and develops search dog standards across the UK and Ireland. National SARDA comprises 9 search dog SARDA groups which are in England, Wales, South Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Anglia, Isle of Man and Lake District.

The primary purpose of SARDA (IN) is to assist in the location of persons reported to be missing in various types of terrain and environment. We assist other Teams in search operations including the PSNI, MMRT, NWMRT, DMRT, Marine Coastal Agency and the NIFRS.

Further to this we offer assistance when required to other mountain rescue teams in the Republic of Ireland. We also support other SARDA groups which may request search dog teams across the UK. In addition we are occasionally tasked by the Department for International Development at the Home Office to assist in international disaster search and rescue operations worldwide.